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 20 may 2011 at Skype

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20 may 2011 at Skype Empty
PostSubject: 20 may 2011 at Skype   20 may 2011 at Skype Icon_minitimeFri May 20, 2011 4:06 am

[16:26:14] pTs CoD7 Endorphin |˅| ҈ /-\|_: Soldier, you are a volunteer serving PReDaToRs clan with "Honor and Fidelity". Every clan mate is your brother-in-arms, regardless of his nationality, race, or religion. You will demonstrate this by solidarity which must always unite members of the same family. Respect of traditions, devotion to your leaders, discipline and comradeship are your strengths, courage and loyalty are your virtues. Proud of your status as a soldier be dignified, but modest. A mission is sacred you will carry it out to the end. In combat you will act without passion and without hate, you will respect the vanquished enemy, you will never surrender your arms.

20 may 2011 at Skype 580a78c1c18d3acff3a321esb6
20 may 2011 at Skype 1265308031lickintheloll
20 may 2011 at Skype 6thsense
20 may 2011 at Skype Bn_0fd530af71
20 may 2011 at Skype 6thSense-BGR
20 may 2011 at Skype 6thSense-BGR
20 may 2011 at Skype 6thSense-BGR
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20 may 2011 at Skype
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