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 The Biixii™

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Number of posts : 450
Age : 38
Location : Bulgaria;Sofia
Job/hobbies : FPS Gaming and manage PReDaToRs Guild
Registration date : 2008-09-13

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PostSubject: The Biixii™   The Biixii™ Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 12:28 pm

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Got my nickname from my older nickname witch was Bobo_XXL. Love playing games. My favourite games are GTA Vice City,IV and San Andreas,COD MW2 and Blops. I also love women in every fucking way that can possibly man love a woman, and i'm also a heavy alcoholic at some points of my life.
I also have another hobby and that is stunting witch was part of my life last 3-4 years and its part of it right now.

Also, here are some videos of my stunt team:

[DSS]Celadon => Edited by Helios
[DSS]G => Edited by Me

The Biixii™ 580a78c1c18d3acff3a321esb6
The Biixii™ 1265308031lickintheloll
The Biixii™ 6thsense
The Biixii™ Bn_0fd530af71
The Biixii™ 6thSense-BGR
The Biixii™ 6thSense-BGR
The Biixii™ 6thSense-BGR
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The Biixii™
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